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Hi there, my name is Ivan Peralta, an entrepreneur with a background in crafting dynamic and scalable tech organizations. I like to foster a culture of technological pragmatism, where the customer and the effectiveness are the center. And I’m deeply invested in positively impacting the people I work with, nurturing a culture of continuous learning and progression.

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I can help you with…

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    Tech Organizational Agility & Efficiency

    Building agile and adaptable structures that align teams with strategic goals. Enabling quick adaptation to rapidly evolving markets but also upholds operational efficiency and team productivity, essential for sustainable progress and success.

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    Tech Delivery and Operations

    Streamlining ways of working and refining software delivery processes, I focus on ensuring system reliability, which leads to improved productivity and fulfillment of customer service level agreements.

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    Tech Talent Management

    Implement proven strategies to help you attract, onboard, retain, and develop your tech team — ensuring sustainable growth and a thriving company culture.

    Fostering a strong culture of growth and development and providing personalized mentorship to emerging tech leaders.

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    Cloud Security & Data Strategy

    Audit your cloud security posture by ensuring the implementation of comprehensive data and cloud asset protection, rigorous identity and access management (IAM) practices, proactive vulnerability and network security measures, and a robust security incident management framework.

    And your data strategy by ensuring it maximizes the value of your data assets. This involves a robust data architecture and infrastructure, fostering data-driven decision-making, and adhering to strict data governance and compliance standards.

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    Capitalising on AI/ML opportunities

    Embrace the digital transformation with my AI/ML proficiency. Specializing in advanced technologies like language models, I offer strategic advice integrating these technologies to boost your business operations, customer interactions, and significant other areas that might be positively impacted.

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The most important thing a leader can do is to create an environment where people can be their best selves.


Career Accomplishments

Collective Milestones: A reflection on key achievements in my recent professional journey


Supported a remarkable 20x growth in GMV at TravelPerk, reaching over $100M in ARR.


Successfully designed and implemented organizational structures, scaling teams from 10 to over 150 members and 1 to 5 hubs in various countries.


Mentored over 50 tech managers at TravelPerk, AltoVita, Oliva Health, and through custom-designed management training programs.


Played a role in successful funding rounds from Seed to Series E and participated in multiple acquisition scenarios totaling over $200M in value.


Led teams that achieved ISO 27001 certification and laid the groundwork for SOC-2 Type I/II compliance, ensuring robust data security and privacy standards.


Balanced these professional milestones while fulfilling the most important role as a single dad to my beloved daughter 👨‍👧🌿.

Insights from Managers and Colleagues

Avi Meir Avi Meir

"Ivan's expertise in tech organization design, talent management, and tech delivery & operations is exceptional"

His insights into structuring efficient tech teams are particularly noteworthy. Ivan possesses a strategic approach to talent management, skillfully nurturing potential and fostering a culture of excellence.

Avi Meir, CEO & Co-founder
Albert Alabau Albert Alabau

"Always keeping the holistic business perspective on top of his tech lenses"

Working with Ivan was a true joy: extremely knowledgeable, transparent, constructive, and humble, yet driven, focused and direct, keeping the holistic business pserspective on top of his tech lenses and always incorporating the human element into it.

Rinat Rinat

"Ivan excelled in cultivating emerging tech leaders, providing guidance and support during both successful and challenging periods"

His commitment to building substantial rapport and meaningful connections extends beyond his professional endeavors, reflecting his genuine and serious approach in all interactions.

Rinat Bialer, HR Global Leader
002 sberna 002 sberna

"I highly recommend Ivan for any leadership role in technology."

During his tenure, Ivan demonstrated a keen ability to understand and cater to the needs of his team, fostering a positive and productive work environment. His innovative approach and empathetic leadership significantly enhanced our operations and team dynamics. 

Sergio Berná, CTO
003 ross 003 ross

"Ivan is a highly empathetic leader who invests heavily in understanding and connecting with his team"

He quickly became a cultural totem and someone that was a critical heart to the team!

Ross McNairn, CTPO

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